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About Elite

ELITE is dedicated towards certifying the best personal trainers, nutritional consultants, yoga teachers, weightlifting / bodybuilding instructors and sports instructors. If you are an athlete or just someone looking to stay in shape then you want to hire someone who is a professional and certified to know what they are doing.

The problem with the personal training business is that there are no laws in Canada requiring people to be certified as personal trainers. Anyone can enter the personal training business, but that doesn't mean they actually know what they are doing. There are also many companies which offer certifications for as little as $79 and don't even require you to pass a test. Our philosophy at ELITE goes in the opposite direction as you will see why below.

#1. We test you and we test you HARD. You have to score in the Top 15% to pass an ELITE test. That means you need to score between 86% and 100% to get certified by ELITE.

#2. We have multiple levels of testing. Each level is harder than the one before, and for every level you still need to score ABOVE 85% to pass.

#3. We don't just take your money and hand you your certification. Our Level One Test is $199 and it grills your knowledge of your chosen field. Each question is an essay question and you have to really know your stuff if you stand a chance of passing the test.

This way at ELITE we assure ourselves that we only certify Canada's best and brightest personal trainers. People who are worthy of the word ELITE!

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